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Resourceful Manure

Friday, September 28, 2018

The Horse Report September 2018 – Turn the manure heap into pasture resource. Where there is a horse - there is manure and what to do with it has been a problem since man first yarded the horse. Manure management is also an integral part of a healthy farm but getting it out of the stable and then what to do with it is the problem. Traditionally, the solution is to dump it into the "manure heap" and pretend it's not there or bag it up and try and sell it …… at a loss! It is well proven that nutrients contained in manure will improve pasture productivity. The effects of manure returning to the pasture will increase growth, cover and quality of forage. Most horse farms whether it be one or two horses or large-scale stud farm with 400 horses have a manure problem that in fact is a resource in disguise. ABI Attachments has made manure management (pasture improvement) accessible and simple to all horse owners with the ABI Classic Spreader...

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