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Horse Walker Technology – What’s In It for You

Monday, April 13, 2015

Investing in a horse walker can improve the overall performance and health of your horses not to mention the efficiency of your horse operations from day to day. Horse Walker are extremely useful in building strength, toning and maintaining muscle development, increasing fitness and also very importantly, a fantastic rehabilitation resource. Walking machines are also proven to reduce labour cost as it can be used by a single trainer who can work with large group of horses at a time. Horse walkers are time-saving and help you provide your competitive horses the much needed recreational and training workouts. It’s also a great investment option into your facility, which can increase the value of your property and marketability of your services 

What to Consider When Purchasing?

A horse walker should be a onetime investment for most facilities, so consider your future needs when purchasing one.

Quick tips to note: 

  1. Determine the capacity you require in terms of how many horses will exercise on the machine per day, for how long and how many sessions, etc.
  2. What activities do you plan to carry out on the horse walker? Is your walker for rehabilitation purposes, warm up and warm down or is it a preparation tool. Do you ride your horses or are they show or sale horses?
  3. Where do you want to set-up the machine? Keep in mind your work flow, rider traffic and proximity to the power source and stables. Make sure you can see the walker from the general working area is also a good idea for safety and quick access when deciding on the location.
  4. Australian weather can be a bummer. To avoid disruptions in your training your machine has to be prepared for all-weather conditions. Check if outdoor use and reliability has been incorporated by your manufacturer within the design considerations of your machine. In other words, make sure your walker can run in all weather and temperatures.
  5. Look to machines that do not run off belts, trolley wheels or chains, these methods are often maintenance intensive and noisy.

Over the years, The Priefert Walker has successfully made its mark in the horse walker technology. Leading horse enthusiast and equine facility owners worldwide use the Priefert Walker and have testified the machine’s prominent features that separate the Priefert Walker from other horse walkers available on the market. You can contact us online for more details.

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